Module 5: Connecting Your Spirit, Your Business, and Your Life

NOTE: In the lesson I mention something about a case study with a new twin flame website. For personal reasons I have decided to avoid working in the twin flame world any more, but you can follow along with the bonus case study here after completing this module.

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You have been connecting your vision and your energy to your business.

Ideally, you have found good people to delegate to, and you have made it work.

You’ve gotten great testimonials, asked permission, and posted them on your site. And you are getting more all the time!

How do you keep it going and make it work for you, long-term?

First of all, make sure you are saving for…


Other than death, they say taxes are the #1 guarantee in life.

That might sound harsh, but I feel that you might as well hear it from me instead of some law enforcement person.

You are legally responsible for knowing the amount of taxes you are supposed to pay.

I’m not a lawyer and I cannot advise you in tax matters.

However, I will share…

In the United States we file our business with the IRS and our local city, if we are using a different name for the business than our own name.

Unless you enjoy doing your taxes, you might be better off having someone like H&R Block handle it for you. I haven’t used them, but I’ve heard of others having good experiences with them.

I do know that keeping good records of your profits and losses is important.

It’s important to file taxes on time. We got hit with a $780 fee for filing just a month late earlier in 2017, for our 2016 taxes.

Especially if you are in a partnership, please do yourself a favor and don’t believe what your friends and family say about taxes… until you check it out for yourself.

We are learning first-hand that the government (and perhaps governments worldwide?) are harder on businesses than individuals, when they can be.

So please, please, please be careful and make sure you are doing everything by the book for your city and state.

I am thankful to live in Massachusetts where the healing arts are allowed and not regulated (no license is required to be a healer if you are following the best practice of your profession).

It’s possible that your state or city might have specific rules governing the healing arts or special tax rules that you should be aware of.

There may be entrepreneur groups in your area—if you feel led to, it might benefit you to check them out and attend, not just for tax advice, but also because “solopreneurs” as we are called, often tread a lonely road.

Your Morning Routine

One way to stay growing on your path is through your morning routine.

We’ve all heard “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

Why is that?

Because it “sets the pace” for the way your digestion and metabolism works for the rest of the day.

Now, because you are a spiritual and creative person, I know you understand that we have a Spirit.

We have something within us that animates us. It makes us alive.

We have a physical body.

And then we have an “etheric” or “life” body, which is very intimately and intricately woven into the physical body. It also transcends the physical body and surrounds and supports it, so that clairvoyants “see” the etheric body as a band of bluish-white light an inch or two around the body. It can also be silverish-blue and thicker in people with more developed, athletic physical bodies, according to Barbara Ann Brennan in Hands of Light.

Surrounding that is the “astral” or “feeling” body and then we have our “ego” which is the element of us that makes us different than other animals.

When we go to sleep, our astral body and ego go off into the Universe, what some call “5D” or “the astral plane.”

Our etheric body stays with our physical body and keeps it breathing, and our heart beating.

When we wake up, we need time to integrate.

It is especially important for healers to be integrated.

When you wake up, if you are still in “dreamland,” here are a few tips for getting back into your body, fast. 🙂

Wiggle your fingers and toes. For a minute or more. Wiggle your ankles too, while your’e at it. This allows your spirit to really get in. It’s not a bad thing to do for your blood circulation, either.

Do the “Yawn n’ stretch.” Arms back, make fists and/or stretch your fingers out in a fan, open wide, and say “Yyyyaaaaaaaaaahhhhhrrrrrrrrrmmmmmm…..” or whatever your yawn matra happens to be. Bonus points if you get the legs involved.

Credit Barbara Ann Brennan, who has movements for each chakra in Hands of Light. This one’s for the heart chakra: on your back, knees up, arms outstreched. Inhale, head to the right, knees to the left. Exhale, and return to center. Repeat for the other side. It will open up your heart, which according to Vedic wisdom is exactly the chakra through which Prana enters the body.

Once you are integrated and up, it’s time for some water.

I’ve consistently seen “Drinking water first thing in the morning” as advice from people who seem to have a healthy, robust disposition.

They say it is good for weight loss.

I say it’s essential for being able to function, at least for me, because the next thing I do after hydrating is…

Move. For me, I like to sweat. I go jogging or sometimes even running, outside. It’s usually not a sprint, but I am huffing and puffing and smiling and sweating by the end of it, and it feels great.

Sometimes I walk, and sometimes I just do my strength training to the point where I break a sweat.

Speaking of strength training, in my opinion this has been one of the most important aspects of my spiritual evolution.

Becoming a new person physically, by toning your body and lifting amounts that you could previously not lift, can give you incredible confidence. It can make you feel like an athlete, even if you’re like me and sometimes literally got picked last in gym class.

That’s why after I loosen up, I pump iron, and/or do push ups, sit ups / crunchies, pull ups, leg lifts for abs, and whatever else I can do to shock my muscles and invite them to grow.

After that, it’s yoga / qigong time. I’d like to integrate some different kinds of chant and prayer at that point.

Right now I’ve been doing the chant of metta (“May you be protected and safe, may you feel contented and pleased, may your body support you with strength, and may your life unfold smoothly with ease”) while visualizing people in my life, but not really as part of my morning routine.

It’s funny but it’s not just breakfast being the most important meal of the day… it’s more like, morning is just the most important time of the day.

If we have a great morning, we are infinitely more likely to have a better day.

After your workout, showering, writing, meditating, and eating can be excellent next steps.

Do what works for you, and enjoy it! Get yourself into a spirit of enthusiasm and gratitude for your day and your work and play you get to experience.


Your daily activities may include all sorts of online and offline tasks, including posting content online, composing and sending a broadcast, recording a new audio, uploading a video, reading customer email, figuring out a tech issue, and more!

How do you work everything in and stay sane?

Batching your tasks can help.

When you “batch” tasks you work in focused chunks that logically connect.

You set a deadline, and you produce. You get a major checklist item done.

A classic example is batching email.

Instead of checking your email 10 times per day, you can check it 3 times per day, morning, noon, and night.

But not first thing in the morning.

Your morning routine, remember?

We start the day getting charged up with good, natural, life-giving energy.

Then we might write a to-do list, or “joyful task” list as Sonja sometimes calls it.

I usually do that with pen and paper, but you can put tasks in a Google Doc, which is a great way to share tasks with partners, because edits that one person makes to a shared doc, are seen by everyone sharing the doc, right away.

The other Google Doc you want to use, or if you have another way to keep a document private, use it, is for your passwords.

Being online, you will have a ton of passwords to keep track of.

The best way to deal with it is always use the same computer and browser (I use Chrome, personally) and have it remember your passwords and keep you logged in.

With some accounts, for example your PayPal and bank accounts, you won’t be able to stay logged in, for security purposes. However, you can have Chrome remember your password for that.

It’s still good practice and really helpful from an organizational standpoint, to have your passwords in one google document.

I’d give the document another name besides “Passwords” just in case you leave your computer open somewhere, but really it’s better not to leave your work computer open anywhere public unless very trusted people are watching over it.

Google is pretty secure but you may also want to copy all your passwords to another document and store it in a Dropbox account or on your computer hard drive, just in case heaven forbid anyone ever gets locked out of their Google account… better safe than sorry, right?

It will help you so much if you set up automatic payments for your services.

You will save time not having to remember to pay your bill every month.

And you will save yourself the worry of wondering whether you are up on your bills.

It can be a major setback if you lose any of your services.

No hosting and your site goes down.

All data (blog posts, images, product pages, etc…) gone, unless you’ve been faithfully taking site backups.

No autoresponder and your email subscriber list is gone.


If our Amazon S3 account were to get suspended, no one could access their audios and the complaints would start rolling in to the inbox.

Continuity and consistency is super important.

That’s why I really needed to step aside from 10 of Cups Ministries and let Sonja completely run the show.

Every time I would get involved and emailed the list, people would shut down.

I know I have good stuff to share, but Sonja’s group is attracted to her and her teaching and healing work for specific reasons, which are different than the reasons someone would work with me.

Yes, there is some overlap, but really we are meant to work with different crowds.

I’m sort of irreverent in my presentation at times, and I am at peace with that.

I think having a sense of humor and poking fun at things is okay.

And I think Sonja does too.

But when people find Sonja, those people are usually dealing with some really difficult circumstances which they do not find funny at all.

Now, if Sonja was cracking jokes left and right, that would be one thing, and maybe I could come in and start acting like myself…

but although she does engage in some major wordplay, she does not tend to ham it up.

So, for me, even if I did try to do something for helping people get back together, as Sonja has done, and even if it could apply to twin flames and soulmates, I would want to have my own brand.

It’s just the only way, for me. I’d like to keep supporting Sonja after this hermit phase. In my heart we are still together. The business thing is one thing, even our living situation and marital status might end up being non-traditional… but I believe we can still make it work.

Now, what “it” is… is anyone’s guess.

Everybody has their ideal set up, in life.

Remember Your Vision

What hours do you want to work?

How much do you want to see clients?

How much do you want to sell, and what is your vision, for…



Remote attunements?

Group coaching courses?

What is it that you want to do, day in and day out?

For how long?

Do you want to work for three months, then vacation for three months, as a lifestyle?

How does that support your unique gifts and your bigger vision?

Well, I suppose we have come full circle.

I guess everything happens like that, spiraling outward, bigger and bigger until it fades or integrates into something else, and on and on…

We get a new vision, the old life becomes a memory…

And we are grateful for all of it, always.

One nice thing about the web is, you don’t need to meet people based on where you live.

You can connect based on your interests and passions, with people everywhere in the world.

I know people will be reading this on multiple continents, and many nations all over the world.

It is exciting, and it is a grave responsibility.

If you have done your In-Class Activities and Funwork, then I hope this guide has served you.

If you haven’t done the work yet, go for it!

You have nothing to lose but an opportunity and the cost of hosting and your autorsponder (and your cloud storage, and Thrive Themes if you get that which I recommend, and ads if you get into ads, but Sonja didn’t ever advertise, not even once, and she didn’t use a premium theme, just cheapo hosting, including paying for the domain name and a branded email address, and her AWeber account).

You don’t need a bunch of fancy stuff to get started. All you need is your vision, the power to make that happen (ideally with a partner or team… you might be able to do it by yourself but Sonja did rely on me to do much of the tech stuff), and to follow through with consistency ability to make it rain.

May you have an excellent day, an awesome business and a wonderful life.


PS: I am giving you a bonus case study where I build a profitable business, on a brand new site.

PPS: I’m adding in another bonus, about publishing your own book, and I’m going to use this book as an example. WHICH MEANS a third bonus for you: a physical copy of this book if you would like it.

PPPS: As a very special bonus, I’m adding in my personal system, The Five Habits of Abundance. I use the Five Habits of Abundance system is what I use in my daily life when I am on point and performing well.

Sneak preview: The five habits are 1. Smile, 2. Sweat, 3. Share, 4. Sell, and 5. Sustain, and they sort of correlate to the five modules in this course.

Your Vision and your Gifts relates to what your joy is, what makes you Smile.

Magician or Mule relates to how much you want to Sweat, or what you want to make you sweat: grunt work, or wisdom work?

The Nuts and Bolts of Web Success relates to Sharing your vision and your gifts with the largest number of people possible.

The Cyclone Method relates to marketing and monetizing your products and services, aka Selling.

Connecting Your Spirit, Your Vision, and Your Life relates to joyfully Sustaining your work and allowing it to feed your Spirit, so you can continue with ever-expanding and life nourishing enthusiasm and peace.