Module 4: The Cyclone Method

Surprise In-Module Bonus: The Cyclone Method Full-Color Visual (Print and Fill in!)

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As Sonja got me more and more involved in 10 of Cups Ministries, I noticed a number of things about her style that bucked popular marketing trends.

Granted she wasn’t a marketer, but I knew she had been a star employee at Pier One Imports and she is a popular, charismatic girl with a winning personality and the eye of the tiger when she wants to turn it on…

So when I mentioned that we should offer a sixty-day refund, she just named a few other healers who don’t offer refunds.

And I remembered that yes there is a psychological principle, where if someone is not offered a refund or a chance to take back a decision, they will feel the need to justify their purchase or decision, which they do by making sure they are satisfied with the product.

Our result? A zero percent refund rate (there have been literally one or two PayPal disputes, in thousands of purchases all made via PayPal).

I would have never guessed that would work, and I don’t know if maybe fewer people buy because of the “No refunds offered” policy stated all over the site.

But I really like that the people know what they are getting into, and they commit.

On the other hand, if someone doesn’t know you, they might feel safer with a refund policy.

My only issue with that is, and Sonja has said this before, with an audio activation, for example her Language of Light audios or Infinity Healing, you can get a profound shift from one listen.

And after receiving that benefit or pleasant experience, it would simply not be fair to ask for a refund.

That’s an example of something that Sonja did instinctively that I would have never thought of, as a “trained marketer.”

In general, Sonja’s approach didn’t fit into any marketing mold or blueprint.

She was and is a highly charismatic force of nature.

A “natural.”

In cases like that, people like me study and we try to reverse engineer.

And from my studies, I have found Sonja to be no less than a human cyclone.

A cyclone is the same thing as a hurricane.

It has three parts:

1. the eye of the storm, which is a calm area in the middle with cooling, falling air and a gentle breeze. It can be dozens of miles wide.

2. The “eyewall,” a heavy wall of intense wind and rain spinning around the calm eye… and sucking in warm air into the spinning center of the storm.

3. “Rainbands” going out from the middle of the cyclone, in spirals. Someone near a cyclone could get hit by one rainband, then another, then another, with moments of tranquility in between. Rainbands can produce powerful bursts of wind, rain, and even tornadoes!

The Eye

of the storm relates to your vision. Sonja always kept her eye on the vision of what her clients wanted: in her case, twin flame union as well as personal soul growth and development in specific areas of life.

So… she was sure to nurture her union with me (I’ll share a little bit about that in my Twin Flame Oneness case study), and she kept consistently delivering her weekly oracle reflection, her new moon and full moon calls (using Instant Teleseminar, YouTube Live, whatever she could get her hands on to take care of TF business every half moon).

There would be six people on a call and she’d say, “Wow, a lot of people were on the call!”

She really had a great, positive attitude like that. Every single person was super special to her.

Still is, but wow there are a lot more of them now.

Scientists today do not know how the eye of a cyclone forms, or what its purpose is.

I think of it as the Finger of God.

Kinda hokey of me, sure.

But if it wasn’t for cyclones, tropical seas would get too hot. They need to be stirred up and have that heat sent to the Earth’s poles, for the sake of thermal harmony on the planet.

(AKA so Gaia doesn’t get hot flashes 🙂

So, to me, it makes sense that sometimes God / Source / Universe sticks Their Finger down here and just straight stirs things up.

In my opinion, that is also your job.

It’s what you’re here for.

To stir things up…

Specifically, to stir up and shift your people, with their specific goals and problems that you enjoy helping them achieve and solve.

You are a Godsend.

You are here to do things that might cause resistance.

Your work might “make waves”…

Of course, I don’t mean to suggest your work would be damaging, as hurricanes have been when they hit the wrong place at the wrong time, and I guess the cyclone metaphor ends there, because you will have your influence be healing, purely.


As a healer or lightworker, you know that the light can burn.

The light can be painful for those accustomed to the dark, or for those not prepared for your Light.

See The Cave by Plato.

(Hey, it’s only fair to mention Plato since every twin flame book references The Symposium as the mythic origin of TFs.)

And as much as people often put up umbrellas, we also need courageous souls to make it rain.

Rain or shine, however you think of your influence, I do want you to step into it now.

Become the cyclone. The sun. The star. The spirit animal. Be that. And let’s soar.

The Eye is your vision, your calm center, your morning routine, the backbone of your mission, holding steady as she goes.

It is your constant joyful presence, your never-failing love.

The eye of the storm is your unwavering will.

The Eyewall

is your team. Those directly around you, doing your will.

If you are the God of the Old Testament, they are your Four Winged Creatures, your Cherubim, your Seraphim.

If you are Sonja, they are Andy (through August 1, 2017).

Sonja was relentless about getting me on board.


Well, I had published my own books, produced my own music and healing audio activations, built websites for myself and other businesspeople, and Sonja happened to be deeply in love with me and desiring to step into a unified mission with me.

Her vision grew to be big enough that she saw where she needed help.

Your success will always include others.

Her brand really took off after publishing that first book, too. So if you have a book ready to go or you are willing to bang one out, I definitely recommend it.

There is a saying I learned from John Carlton, a copywriting mentor of mine:


You’ve heard it said that someone “Wrote the book” on a subject?

What does that mean?

They wrote an authoritative guide or treatise about something.

Who has the credibility to do that?

Only a real expert.

One really cool thing is… Just like how we learn a lot by studying for a big test, when you do the work to write the book, you become more of an expert.

I’m half-expert in cyclones at this point!

What percent of people know what an “eyewall” is?

And all I did was think, “Wow, Sonja is like a cyclone” and read a few articles online about different parts of cyclones.

That’s all it took.

Now, I’m not going to get into the cyclone prediction business, but I can spin a metaphor using my cyclone insight, and that gives me more confidence.

I could probably write a children’s book about a “little cyclone that could.”

Sonja wrote her book STAND In the Light of Love, and I published it for her on CreateSpace, in June 2016.

She still gets are a small royalty from Amazon (CreateSpace’s owner) each month.

At the time, she was getting a trickle of traffic on her first video or two, and some short blog articles with art she found mostly through Google Image search.

I’ve since replaced any unoriginal art that I can’t justify as fair use… but some stuff like “Love Changes Everything” in the first videos, we’ve gotten a YouTube Copyright violation with the penalty being that our videos’ ads would line the pockets of EMF / Virgin records.

That is one advantage of social media, in my opinion, if you are into re-posting content.

Most social media networks have agreements with corporations that let you get away with copyright violations.

Everyone is always sharing and remixing each others’ stuff… sharing is what makes social media work in such a connected way.

But if someone were to take an image with an inspirational quote on it, that they found “somewhere” online…

and post it on their own website?

That’s running the risk of getting a letter from a lawyer, or at least a polite email informing one of copyright infringement.

That has never happened to us, thankfully, and may it never happen to you.

To go through and clean up the site so we could take it to the next level, I was acting as Sonja’s personal eyewall.

She always held the vision (The “Eye”) for everything we were going to do.

I would skim through test emails and add commas or break up paragraphs, and most important, I would check to make sure links worked…

but I never modified content.

I didn’t really “read” much of what she wrote because

1. it was none of my business… my role was to manage the technology, file taxes, trademarks, make art, music, videos, manage passwords and accounts, and other fun “3D” stuff.

2. If I did make it my business, I would mess it up. You have seen what happens when I emailed Sonja’s list—and yes, it is Sonja’s list… the results are not pretty.

(The same thing has happened when I’ve attempted to write product pages for her. I remember on a product called Healing Maternal Wounding with Mother Mary, I wrote at the end of the product page, “At 40 minutes long, with 7 rounds of energy clearing and activation, the low price of $22.22 may not last, but your maternal wound healing will :)”

I guess now that I think of it, it’s sort of funny, so maybe that’s why Sonja hasn’t removed it, but I was being serious, kind of, and writing it as sales copy.

Because 10 of Cups Ministries has such a playful vibe in general, a lot of things like that can work, but usually Sonja doesn’t add “sales pitch” type stuff on her product pages.

Usually her product pages are just a love-infused, benefit-driven bullet-point-rich slippery slope to the Add to Cart button.

Alas, being the eyewall can spell chaos. So you want to make sure the people in your “eyewall” are really doing your will, and not creating their own vision.)

In-Class Activity: Eye and Eyewall

Write and/or draw on a piece of paper, a circle.

In it, write “vision / eye”

And outside it write the label “team / eyewall.”

Next, in short-hand, not long paragraphs, write the key elements of your vision for your spiritual business, specifically the web part… number of clients you want to see per week, certain days off or times you do want to work… the type of people you want to attract or content you want to create and promote… your critical consistent tasks that you enjoy doing week in and week out, building your brand’s integrity… put it in the circle.

Now, consider what in that circle only you can do.

And what in that circle, your vision, requires support?

Now outside the circle.

Finally, write your vision for getting that support: who to use, where to find them, what to pay them, how to pay them, the qualities of your working relationship, their public role in the brand limelight… get the details down, outside the circle.

You will find this helps reduce overwhelm because it gives you understanding of what help you need, as well as a direction to take for getting that support as you and your team make it rain.

You can do this activity any time during your business growth, and you will find that it provides more and deeper insight for your next growth cycle.

The Rainbands

are the plays you and your team make:

Email sequences

Product launches

Outreach and marketing (including social media)

Taking your concentrated vision and gift and flinging it, hurling it, spreading it, spiraling it out across all space-time-dimension-reality.

You do this by bonding with your subscribers, finding what they want, and giving it to them (charging a fee for some parts of your service, to keep feeding energy into the storm center).

Email Sequences

There are two types of mass emails:

1. Broadcasts are when you write an email, and then you send it to your list or a segment of your list.

2. Follow-ups are emails that get sent automatically, scheduled after an event such as someone buying a product or signing up for a list.

We have only used broadcasts, at 10 of Cups Ministries.

In the Internet Marketing world, there is a lot of talk about product funnels, and “A/B split testing,” but to be honest we have never done a funnel or an A/B split test for conversion rate.

We have tested different hosting for site speed and found WPX hosting to improve our site speed which is good for customer experience.

The “split testing” we do is internal, within our soul, to make sure our ideas pass the “joy test.”

Sonja really goes off her inspired vision in the moment.

So, other than one welcome email, there’s no automated follow up.

We don’t do remarketing (when you go to a site and then you’re on other sites and an ad for that site just happens to be right there).

We don’t follow up with abandoned carts.

We sure as heck don’t have and won’t ever get a phone line. Sonja doesn’t want that.

Heck, we don’t even offer refunds.

Every single email Sonja sends is because she is inspired to.

Having said that, her emailing does fit into a sequence, because she has chosen for 10 of Cups’ main free community-building activities to align with the new and full moon each month.

10 of Cups’ “email sequence” follows the sequence of the stars, and the sequence of Sonja’s heart-inspirations.

If you don’t yet have a structure for your critical community-building activities that you must commit to to achieve real long-term, sustainable success, please take a moment now and consider what it is you will do.

For example, you might write “Every ____ I will ____ for the next year.”

It doesn’t need to be based on the moon, or celestial bodies.

It could be that Every Friday, you offer a Q&A on your niche of expertise, called “Friday with Frieda” if your name is Frieda, which, hey, it might have been in a past life, right? So maybe “Friday Q&A with Frieda”? 🙂

I tried doing that with Healing Music Club.

I was “Andreas”… I was trying to do “Healing Music Friday with Andreas.”

I did sell a few downloads, making the site profitable, because since we already had web site and email infrastructure in place, the only added expense for launching HealingMusic.Club were buying the domain itself.

I also bought Together those were around $20 and I sold closer to $30 worth of downloads… not major success yet but I’m working on it, here and there, sometimes.

(And that’s exactly why HMC was failing as of August 1, 2017… because a “sometimes” attitude toward success does not lead to a prosperous business or a fully joyful life. Success is way beyond a full time job. It has to do with our inner core attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and impulses.)

About using a pen-name: I would only recommend it if the name is real to you, or you have a legitimate reason to use an alias or a different last name, which some folks do if they work multiple niches, so that their personal branding doesn’t get confusing for their students/followers/clients/fans.

(BTW, please don’t call your clients “fans”… I used to make Sonja cringe by telling her how much her “fans” loved her… lol… she would then smile and remind me that they are community members and clients).

For me, “Andreas” was a layer of emotional insulation between me and my clients, me and my own soul, really.

My Healing Music Friday with Andreas idea didn’t work out because

1. I wasn’t committed to it. I even plain forgot one day. It was an hour after I was supposed to be on, and I had simply never scheduled it into my priority list. I also was not maintaining an active schedule or priority list, which I find indispensable today.

2. I didn’t test the streaming services I was thinking of using. Whether YouTube Live with Google Hangouts, or Instant Teleseminar, the current low-budget streaming solutions I found do not have great quality sound. They are fine for speaking but for music, that’s a different thing. I know there are ways to project good quality audio, it’s just a matter of me doing my due diligence.

3. I’m not “Andreas”… I just thought I should use a different name than mine, because I was still thinking it was woo-woo to do healing music, and I didn’t really own the vision for what I was doing. It was like Andreas was me trying to stay under the 10 of Cups umbrella while at the same time doing my own thing. Sonja and I have since come to harmony with the fact that we should each have our own web brands, hence me leaving 10 of Cups Ministries. After a little drama and a brief separation, we are in harmony and a spirit of oneness like never before.

Now back to business.

You have your infrastructure all set up, right?

Your PayPal business account has a bank account set up, you understand that PayPal has monthly limits for new accounts so you will need to keep doing successful business and establish trust with them and have money aside for living expenses while your practice picks up momentum.

You’ve made test purchases on your site and you like how it feels to be your customer.

You have good, unique stuff to email about.

Okay. Now it’s time to do it.

It’s time to send some emails.

The best way to show you how to write emails, is to look at some from Sonja.

There will always be three elements in any successful email:

1. Bonding

2. An “Ah-ha!” or some kind of content that adds value to your reader’s day / life / perspective by creating a change, or shift, and/or maybe even a giggle (but we’re not comedians, unless you are in which case, yes, make ’em HOWL… i’m assuming you’re a healer and/or creative because this is the Spiritual Business Course, after all… so the value will be some insight, that they can apply, NOT you giving them a lecture or telling jokes or tap-dancing for them.

Usually what you do is give a metaphor or relevant real-life event.. and then connect it to the insight or a resource that can give them a major internal shift.

3. An attractive call to action, so readers can choose to go further with the “Ah-ha!” they received in the email.

Here is the beginning of an email from Sonja as it appeared in my inbox:

Notice how it is addressed from “Sonja Evans” at the top.

That’s much better for bonding than saying from “10 of Cups Ministries” because the name of a person is more… personable.

Sonja includes the image of a card (which is Fair Use in my opinion, because it is for teaching purposes and it’s only one card, plus she typically says the name of the deck (in this case it is the “Angel Tarot Deck, major arcana only” as she mentions further down in the email…)

She then starts with “Greetings, My Beautiful Friend!”

At that point, you agree that you are Sonja’s beautiful friend, or you unsubscribe.

If you stayed, that means you’re friends.


Then she expresses hope that “your weekend was well and that your new week has been sun-kissed with luminous love, joy and peace.”

Aw, shucks… thanks, Sonja!

Notice she doesn’t just say she hopes you have a great week coming up.

If there is one thing I want you to remember from this course, and this is from my Email Mojo coach Travis Sago, is that your index finger is your best conversion tool.

Travis holds up his finger so you can see it, and he says, “This right here, is your #1 conversion tool.”

Your best sales tactic, your best marketing strategy, your best thing to do to get anyone to do anything (to “convert” them to your way of thinking / being / feeling / doing things)…

is to to point at something, so people can see it in their minds, like a movie.

Sonja does that all the time. She is a cinematic writer.

Did you ever read The Davinci Code or any best-selling romance, thriller or other books?

Have you noticed that those books tend to get made into movies?

That’s because they are written like movies, with full visual and sensory immersion.

I remember back in Arlington, Massachusetts, our first foray living together, Sonja used to offer to make “cookie mountain” on rainy days, for me, her daughter Dess, and any friends who happened to be over from Harvard Square in neighboring Cambridge, or wherever our friends came from that day.

(Sonja has always been the “hostess with the mostest” which is why Pier One made her the greeter and part of why she achieved such quick success online (yes only a couple years to a sustainable business is quick success.)

Another, more important reason is that she is the real deal. For example, it’s amazing to me that she pulled the Hermit Card on July 17th 2017 and literally the next day or two we actually did go into a cocoon phase with me leaving 10 of Cups Ministries as Sonja’s business partner.

Example: I was walking with Sonja on the Battle Road Trail, a historic colonial site in Lincoln, MA, and we went by an old tavern, the Hartwell… Sonja said she saw the ghost of a girl in the window.

Later I teased her about it, or maybe “tease” is putting it lightly, because Sonja began crying, saying “I really did see her!”

As bizarre as some spiritual gifts may seem to me, I do recognize that Sonja does believe in what she is doing and that she has a real gift of clair-cognizance which I cannot deny.)

Could you imagine seeing the ghost girl in the window?

That’s because I painted a picture of it.

I didn’t use much detail, just enough to kick-start your imagination.

Speaking of imagination, it’s better to ask questions and get your reader thinking “Yes!” instead of talking at them, in your marketing.

Don’t you enjoy saying “Yes?”


In an intense course like this, I just pummel you with the info because you paid for this, you are committed to your success, and I’m going to give it to you straight.

But with email, you are in the process of warming people up to you, bonding with them over a period of time, they may or may not be committed to you as a source of help so it’s better to always keep bonding and establishing trust with every email, knowing that maybe it is the first email from you that someone has opened (or maybe the first in a while, because people tend to stay subscribed to lists they don’t read, and then they might come back and read several of yours at once).

Because of all that, we want every email to wriggle and come alive and even burst at the seams with imagery your readers can wrap their third eyes and minds and hearts around.

So when Sonja says she hopes “your new week has been sun-kissed with luminous love, joy and peace”…

You can see the sun actually kissing something or someone.

Me, I imagine the cartoon sun from the Teletubbies, blowing a kiss like a slick American 50’s movie actor, and your and my week getting covered with a luminous layer of a substance embodying the soothing energetics of love, joy, and peace.

But even more than painting pictures in the sentences, we use metaphors, often extended metaphors, to position the wisdom we share.

This stimulates something called lateral thinking which is good for your brain as a writer and salesperson (as as a healer too) and it also serves to expand your readers’ horizons.

In Sonja’s case, and for all who pull cards on a regular basis, the metaphor is ready-made and built-in.

It’s ready-made because tarot decks tend to have interpretations, which Sonja may reference, but she does not base her entire email on by any means.

However, the books that accompany decks can be a big help if you are using cards as a teaching tool.

I see a lot of rather shallow tarot card use online, where someone will post several cards on social media, without giving much of a tie-in; it’s more of a show than anything. In my opinion, that is probably more “mule” behavior than “magician” behavior.

It would be better to go deep and instead of showcasing your ability to work as a blackjack dealer (joking), showcase your wisdom and insight as well as your caring attitude and your authentic desire to serve your audience to help solve their problems, reach their goals, and meet the needs that you enjoy meeting for them.

I’ll stop quoting Travis so much even though he is my #1 mentor, but the reason I keep talking about enjoying solving problems for people, is because that’s how Travis defines money:

Solving problems I enjoy solving, for people I enjoy solving them for.

You do that enough, and you’ve got money!

I include goals in there too because that’s why the problems emerge… if we didn’t want anything to change, we wouldn’t have any reason to think anything is a “problem” because everything would be fine no matter what.

However, Travis is right. When people hit a snag and they want some specific problem removed or solved, by someone with the wisdom and understanding to do it or teach them how (magicians teach how, mules do it for you)…

They will shell out dough.

But it’s not really savvy to go straight at the problem.

It’s like those country songs that get into too much concrete detail… “And then I lost my pickup truck, and then I lost my dog…”

If Sonja was always talking about the details of her Union, it could get boring.

Instead she immediately jumps in and starts talking about the upcoming solar eclipse which is legitimately exciting news, for everyone, especially those who gaze the stars.

I’ve pasted the remaining text of that broadcast below and put my comments in italics.

Greetings, My Beautiful Friend!


I hope your weekend was well, and that your new week has been sun-kissed with luminous love, joy and peace!


Things are really heating up as we advance toward the immensely powerful and frequency shifting Solar Eclipse on August 21, which carries with in such incredible opportunities for the shift of a lifetime,  both for the collective and for us personally.


I will be sharing more about the energetic significance of this phenomenon in the very near future.

Building anticipation for something awesome in the future.

Also, if you have not had the opportunity to check out the most recent healing call held this past Saturday, you can click here to check that out.

Announcement, showing more valuable things in the community.

The replay will remain up for only 24 more hours, including the special subscriber rates for the Chakra TLC: Chakra Clearing and Balancing Activation and the Energetic Reset Bundle to assist you with optimal energetic health!

Call to action, to look at two new products on sale.

And now onto the Weekly Sacred Partnership Oracle Reflection and Energy Update for the week of 7/16.

Transition from announcements into main content

Since we are shifting into a new sun sign this week, I decided to use the Angel Tarot deck, Major Arcana only, as the Major Arcana reveals major changes and turning points on our personal journey.

“Ah ha!” About the Major Arcana relating to the new sun sign and our personal journey (bonding, because it shows she cares about you not just her ideas).

I tuned into the energy of the 10 of Cups Community, asking Divine Mother/Father what we all most needed to do, know, or shift this upcoming week in order to align with and manifest the Highest Possible Good for our Unions, or any area of our lives!

Notice she says she is tuning into the energy of the 10 of Cups Community (not the twin flame collective; she is branding her ministry’s name even though she does serve twin flames… also notice she is making this very relevant to Your/My/the Reader’s Life. Bonding)

The card I pulled can be viewed at the top of the page:

The Hermit
Spend time in quiet meditation
Spiritual Teaching. Self Discovery

Ah ha!

Please, as with all things, take what resonates and shelf the rest. Also, please note that the message can, and often provide a glimpse of what is happening in the life and consciousness of your Sacred Partner.

Notice she is not being dogmatic. She is empowering readers to take what resonates and “shelf the rest.” Bonding

This is the last week of the Solar Transit in Cancer, with the Sun shifting into energies of the regal, royal, extroverted, confident Leo toward the end of the week.

Ah ha!

What I am feeling for the week through the lens of this card is the recent shifts that many of us have experienced, in addition to the Cancer influence really washing a lot of deep emotional baggage ashore recently, is that a lot of us will be feeling the need to retreat, and go into hermit mode.

Ah ha!

This will serve multiple purposes, depending on the specifics of your situation, but I am feeling this as a “Divinely Ordained Cocoon time” from your Twin, actively initiated by you, or through the mechanics of Divine Intervention.

Ah ha! And bonding because the message is so personal and clearly full of love.

The purpose of this is to regain your perspective, and to take the time to really self-reflect.

Ah ha! And bonding because everyone loves being told to put themselves first.

Nowhere do we project disowned parts of ourselves as intensely as we do with our Twin Flame, and are often on the receiving end of the projection of what they will not own upon us.

Ah ha! And bonding! Preach it, Sister!

If we are not there for this to happen, it naturally causes the necessity to be more self introspective and open to the insights and ahas! needed to shift things within, and without for the ultimate health of the Union.

She even says “ahas!” here… and notice it’s all about the ultimate health of the Union, always having a practical benefit, not just some intellectual information.

So if things have been going pretty smoothly and you find your Divine Counterpart retreating, or if you feel the strong need to do so, honor that as a gift for you to place the focus and attention in the most important direction…on yourself.

“Ah ha!” And bonding via the nurturing voice.

Others will feel the strong need to disconnect from others, spending more time in nature, or simply by oneself, which will accompanied by some very important spiritual growth and understanding in preparation for service.

“Ah ha!” Practical guidance

Remember, Leo is also a sign of the natural born Leader, and many of you called to spiritual leadership will find this week to serve as that connection to your Higher Guidance, wisdom and gifts, so that you can emerge from the Cocoon and truly shine your light.

“Ah ha!” with the Leo insights, and bonding by urging you to “shine your light”—it shows that Sonja believes in you and your light.

Your time is now, and many will witness that doorway open and beckon you onto center stage to shine (which is so very Leo), being and doing what you are called to do and be as we approach the Lion’s Gateway, and beyond.

Bonding via empowerment, with more Leo “Ah ha!”

For many, this pulling away will be the direct result of occupying an entirely new frequency band, and those who are not vibrating with where you are, will seem less and less appealing, regardless of how much you previously enjoyed their company.

It’s not them, it’s you… you’re in a whole new frequency! (“Ah ha and bonding via some enlightened ego-stroking… nothing wrong with that as along as its authentic.)

Much of this is due to us having raised our own frequencies so much, that anything or anyone vibrating lower has become increasingly difficult to be around.

You are so bright others may need special sunglasses in your Presence. Definitely bonding.

If you suddenly feel like not being bothered anymore (even if it is with your Twin Flame), I encourage you to trust this process, because these individuals will either be replaced by those who are a better energetic match, or your Twin will rejoin you at a later time.

Um… as Sonja’s alleged twin person this is kinda hard to read, just saying. But hey whatever, it is her truth. And the fact that she speaks it makes her all the more real and bondable.

Also, many matriarchal and “mother issues” were brought to the spotlight during the Sun’s transit through Cancer, whether with your own mother, or as a mother (as you have all witnessed with me personally), and the time taken for you in stillness this week, will assist you in bringing closure to the however that surfaced for you.

“Ah ha!” and bonding via nurturing advice and insights

Additionally, some of you may have experienced an amplification of the wounding in the Divine Feminine collective, specifically around issues of setting boundaries, care taking, nurturing and giving too much of yourselves away to others in your experiences recently that served to shift things for the collective (just like you came here to do), in addition to for yourselves.

Divine Feminine collective? Is that a thing? Bonding but only for the ladies I guess. As a guy I would probably unsubscribe after reading this… but Sonja seems to be targeting the womens / “Divine Feminine.”

You may very well find yourself integrating these energies, and will need the rest, downtime, and disconnect that Hermit energy brings, and to assist in discovering what this was serving to create for you in the days and weeks ahead.

Ah ha…

What was next brought to my intention, which aligns with the above messages about integration and closure around the “downtime” of this week is the number of this card, which is “9”.

Um… again as her guy this is concerning but yes, “Ah ha.”

Numerologically, 9 heralds closure and completion, and this week will be bringing in the feeling of something that has come full circle, or that is finished now.

Ah ha…

Using this time to honor yourself by exploring what feels “expired” will guide you to the new, be it new solutions, new ways of relating, new ideas, new directions, new perspectives.

Bonding via nurturing motherly advice, which shows you care.

This card, at least in this particular deck, is represented by the Archangel Raziel, who is the Archangel who shows us how to apply what we have learned and turn it into wisdom.

Ah ha!

He also assists with the recollection of lessons learned over the spectrum of your incarnations, and transmute this into usable energy to help propel you forward in this lifetime.

Ah ha ah ha! And a lil’ bonding via showing that she wants to see you propelled forward.

His appearance this week with the energy of this card reveals the incredible opportunity to turn our scars into stars, and how to take what we have learned through our recent, and even past experiences into life changing, timeline shifting decisions, actions, and reactions, that enable us to transcend the need for looping patterns and repeat performances, and shift us into mastery.

Eye on the prize: Mastery.

So to summarize, do not feel alarmed if you find yourself catapulted into a bit of a void this week, or if your Twin Flame has disappeared again, or if you feel like disappearing on them (or everyone else in your life, for that matter) to take time for you.

Ah ha! and bonding via the love.

It is within the sacred womb of this cocoon that all things are being made new, as we approach a remarkable tipping point on and around 8/21, which serves as the “delivery date” for what this “1” year truly is all about for us personally, and as a collective.

Ah ha! Anticipation… a powerful mental-emotional trigger.

Stay encouraged, as we have not been in the “purge-a-thon” or the “drama-rama” all year for nothing.

Notice the fun naming of things. Sonja is always giving things names, like “Cookie Mountain” mentioned above. This “insta-branding” (see what I did there?) is a form of personal branding, or you could say, an expression of one’s unique personality, that will make it easier for people to bond with you.

The veils are about to drop, and we will see exactly what this has all been about.

More anticipation (“ah ha!), and bonding.

Wishing You Infinite Blessings and Love Until Next Time,


Bonding via her heart-melting signature sign-off

P.S. In keeping with the energies of The Hermit, I am offering the Blessing of the Void audio activation, created to assist in really easing into that receptive state, that spiritual downtime where we can clearly hear the voice of our Higher Selves to all subscribers for $11.11 for this week only!

Call to action

Great email by Sonja. If you are a 10 of Cups subscriber you don’t need for me to do a “swipe file” which is offered in some Internet Marketing courses.

It’s a collection of the emails sent by a person.

I think it’s sort of a “mule” thing to include in a course, because why should you need that?

If you’ve been subscribing to 10 of Cups Ministries, just go into your inbox where you’ve been getting Sonja’s emails, and start typing “Sonja.”

Her email address will come up, and you can look at her emails.

If you are really wanting to take your email marketing to the next level, I have a super advanced but silly-simple tip for you.

And yet, it might be the most powerful writing tip you will ever hear.

Simple is powerful.

(That’s not the tip.)

The tip is… Fire up Notepad, or Textedit, or Word, or OpenOffice Writer, or whatever you use (I’m rocking OpenOffice at the moment).

Set the font and column width to something that looks and feels good to you.

(Most marketing wisdom I’ve heard, says to use a column of about 55 characters wide. However, Sonja doesn’t do that, so I’m not going to tell you you “should” even though I tend to prefer a narrow column.)

I’ve made the column of this book about 70 characters wide, but it’s a unique layout meant to feel like an owner’s manual and it feels pretty easy on my eyes.

And now…

Get an email from a professional that you admire.

Maybe one of Sonja’s, maybe one from another healer, artist, or teacher on the web.

If you’re using one screen, position the email and your writing software on the screen so you can see both of them. You can put the email in a window in the top half of the screen and then write in the bottom part of the screen, for example, or you could go left/right.

You can print the email, if that’s easier for you, if you or use a two-screen set up, go for it).

Either way, have you guessed what you are going to do?

Yes, that’s right, you are about to copy someone else’s work.



Yep, just take all that hard-earned skill and achievement, and make it your own.

Don’t publish it, mind you. Don’t steal their work.

This is an exercise, for you and you alone.

You are going to “Stand on the shoulders of giants” as Isaac Newton has said.

Don’t the best performers get in front of the mirror and repeatedly imitate their heroes?

The exact gestures.

The flip of a hat, the turn of a phrase, the angle of a foot.

May you do likewise, and benefit immeasurably.

Credit where it is due: I picked up this killer tip from Dr. Joe Vitale’s book Hypnotic Writing.

It is “killer” in the sense that it kills the time of trial and error, the dreaded learning curve that lurks in the path to every great success.

You are now light years ahead of those who choose to stumble blindly, IF you apply this teaching, now that you know the greatest secret to success:

To imitate success.

To find successful people, and copy them.

Copy the parts that you know are successful.

Dr. Vitale mentions his experience with Earnest Hemingway and Jack London as autor heroes of his, choosing to role model the positive aspects of their art, while as Sonja would say, “shelving the rest.”

Don’t copy typos. Just mercifully fix them, knowing that you yourself will produce and publish many, many typos, and that’s okay. Perfectionism is like driving with your emergency brake on… it causes undue stress, and it can rob us of our human spontaneity, if we allow it.

Remember, in every email you want three elements:

1. Bonding

2. “Ah-ha!” filled valuable content

3. Call / Invitation to action with links

Always send yourself a test email, especially when you are sure you did it correctly and you definitely don’t need to send yourself a test email 🙂 (Those are the times we might have made a potentially embarrassing mistake, and many people will put up with that but we can lose OCD types if we mess up too much to the point of coming off as sloppy or “unprofessional” (whatever that means).

To me, being professional means doing what you say you will do, when you said you would do it.

I never said I would be perfect.

But I do feel a responsibility to make sure links in emails work, and to include the bonding and the “Ah ha”s because sometimes if you lose someone, you don’t get another chance.

Product Launches and Outreach (Including Social Media)

Unless you already have a popular brand, when you create a product and put it on sale on your site, unless you tell people about it, no one will know, and no one will buy.

Nowadays, if you write a blog post or even if you publish a YouTube video, there is no guarantee anyone will see it.

I’ve been crushed to see a half-hour video of my great music get only 6 views during its first week.

Not even 6 per day… just, pretty much no one watching it, except me six times.

It’s really painful, like a sinking feeling in my chest, to think about that happening, to any of us.

We pour our blood, sweat, and tears into our art and what do we have to show for it?


Are you kidding me?

It can be enough to to make a creator do… the “Q” word.



There is a solution.

And this is where it’s important that you did “Your Vision and Your Gifts” and you are continuing to craft your vision for your life, and how you are going to let your spiritual gifts flow and permeate everything you do.

Because your fuel will be your vision itself, and the Divine Energy given to you as you step into your joy-work.

See that last part of the word “joy-work”?

If you already have a solid work ethic, and you are blazing with enthusiasm for your vision, your mission, and you know exactly how you will express your spiritual gifts… including how you will support other healers in your space…

Then it’s just a matter of doing that work part.

That is the grounding, the part that you own.

Every day.

What are you doing, to ground your vision and express your gifts, via your spiritual business?

If you are doing it and becoming more and more alive, more activated, then you know you are on the right track.

Keep it up.

You will need that energy, because the next part, outreach, can be grueling (or if you do it the right way, it will be easy breezy), but it is absolutely necessary in order to grow your brand and attract clients who will buy your products and services.

There should be a good reason for friends to tell friends about you.

What would you like that reason to be?

“Go see (your name) because (s)he can (your helpful magic power) for you.”

What is that magic power someone would send their friend to you for?

And why you? Why not someone else with that same magic power?

How is your power or your personality different from the others?

It doesn’t mean we get cut-throat and start saying we are “the best” (definitely a red flag when someone says that about themselves, in any field…)

But just like there are different types of personal trainers that would “jive” better with some gym-goers, there are also different good matches for healers.

It’s not that one person needs to the best, but that a client can find the best fit for them.

And that you find clients who are a good fit for you.


When you publish a product or service, there are some main elements involved:

1. The product or service itself: Either a digital download, a shipped good (which we don’t talk about in this course other than books, but you could do a physical product eventually as your web business expands to give you an audience to sell merchandise to), and/or an event or appointment coordinated by you or your team.

2. The product sales page or offer page, also just called the “product page.” This gives details about the product, the benefits, what problems it will help solve or goals it will help achieve, other sales elements including testimonials, a refund policy, a timer if there is a deadline to purchase at a special price, attractive images, and a clear and easy-to-follow way to purchase.

3. On-site links to the product page, perhaps in a new blog post or as a resource in an existing article.

If you use WooCommerce you can set new products to be automatically added to your shop page, or what Sonja has dubbed the “10 of Cups Library” in her case.

4. A promotional email or event for subscribers. Sonja typically does not do “buy my stuff” emails. What she does is, she announces the new products during her free New Moon and Full Moon calls.

5. A YouTube video with free teaching or healing, related to the product. Ideally, make it so that the product offers more and deeper of the same benefits offered in the video. For example if it’s about being your ideal weight, you would have some valuable healing and/or teaching about that, but don’t do the exact same thing as in the product, and make sure the product takes it farther or does something for the client that the video doesn’t do for them.

In other words, make your YouTube videos useful but leave room for someone to make even more progress with the product you link to in the video description (and using the YouTube Card or Annotation tools for maximum engagement, though we haven’t done much with that fancy stuff with our videos).

6. Facebook outreach. You can post your video in relevant groups that you’re involved with (just don’t always post your own stuff, or even mostly… be there to support others, which is a good rule of thumb in general on Social Media), and you can reach out and message people, comment on their stuff (supportive comments about their stuff, not self-promotion), and you can find good experienced brand leaders to role model.

What happened with Sonja was, she became known from her YouTube videos and then by word of mouth through her clearing and coaching sessions (and readings and other offerings, including “empathic listening” and distance healing attunements), and people would sign up for the email list and email in…

But also, she got a ton of Facebook friend requests, which she accepted and later sort of had to undo because many of the people would try to get free sessions and counseling from her and send her “wall of text” Facebook posts, so for her sanity she had to block many of those people from her personal Facebook account.

I do urge you to refrain from becoming personal Facebook friends with your clients. It’s up to you but really that’s why you make a Facebook page, so you can interact with clients.

I don’t recommend making a Facebook group. You could but it’s like running a forum: too many potential headaches. Again, up to you. But especially if you are getting started, it will just be awkward, to have a Facebook Group with just a few people in it, and the same people posting all the time.

If you have a page with good, unique posts, for example Sonja was doing charged affirmations which were relatively popular posts, and you keep doing outreach and stay consistent with relevant content that actually helps others, then more and more people will start “liking” and “following” your page.

If you are publishing lots of YouTube videos and Facebook posts and not getting results, you can

1. ask for honest feedback from experts whose opinions you trust. Not marketing experts. Experts in Your field of spiritual or creative work.

2. Mention other leaders in your field, in a positive light, and then send them a short outreach email, praising their work and mentioning that you mentioned them in a video / article / post and would they like to see it?

To avoid seeming like a predator, be careful to start by praising something specific about their site: an article you found useful, something that you really admire that they did or created.

Don’t give them the link to your piece in the outreach email. Ask whether they would like to see it, and make the reason why a benefit to them.

Don’t say, “Would you like to see my article, because I’d like to get more page views.”

Do say, “Would you like to see my article/video/post, because you or your readers might enjoy it and find it useful?”

People who really care about what they are doing, will be turned off by too much talk about numbers or any kind of external result other than helping people by doing their joy-work.

And besides… can’t spend page views, last I checked.

3. Pay for ads. I have boosted Facebook posts here and there. It feels good to see the “likes” but again… I can’t deposit “likes” in the bank, or buy a farm with them.

So unless I can convert those “likes” to subscribers to customers to repeat customers or clients… they are worthless to me.

Even though the people doing the “liking” are infinitely valuable.

So, if you are going to pay for ads, instead of doing the elbow grease, be sure to build in some payoff.

What we would do if we would boost a post for $11, is include a link to a product in the post. If one person out of the thousands who “like” the post actually buys the product, and the product is $22.22, then that post directly made a profit.

Even if just one person out of thousands of likes, which you can definitely get for an $11 Facebook post boost, as of August 2017, then we made a profit.

Just be careful with any advertising, to set your ad to expire after a day or two or however long you want.

Google Adwords, I think has it on default for ads to keep running until the cows come home.

Advertising on Twitter is super perilous; they will automatically set your budget mega high—$100 or $30 or something ridiculous like that if I recall correctly—and I’ve tried it once or twice; it seems like if I was ever going to do Twitter ads it would be for a follower or subscriber campaign, so I could measure exactly what benefits I’m getting.

17,342 “impressions” means nothing to me. How “impressed” were they? If they do the things I want (“like,” follow, share, subscribe to the email list) then I guess they were impressed enough!

Much of Sonja’s early outreach was on the phone or Skype. Other teachers would reach out to her, after they were affected by her awesome, uniquely branded videos.

It was bonding to connect as friends and fellow healers, and Sonja was happy to invite many on her healing calls, because it allowed the 10 of Cups Community unique access to those healers, and it gave Sonja a chance to get on the “other side of the mic.”

That sort of collaboration is not for everyone, and to be honest I’ve heard stories of joint ventures going sour.

I feel very fortunate that ours have gone as well as they did. It speaks to the amount of love that exists in the 10 of Cups community.

Sonja has enjoyed co-hosting healing calls with others, and it has been a powerful branch of 10 of Cups’ growth.

If you offer free healing or coaching calls, and you want to let people call in and speak with you easily, then use Instant Teleseminar. People in India or other countries without a phone-in line, can use the Webcast option and a microphone plugged into the computer, to speak.

Having the call in or webcast connection options gives Instant Teleseminar an intimate feeling.

We have also tried YouTube live. it does not allow people to flexibly call in (they must be using Hangouts to speak and you would need to know in advance, before the call) but it does allow you to publish your event replay directly onto YouTube.

In the end we decided that we don’t want the replays on YouTube and we do want people to be able to call in, if Sonja wants to allow that on a given call, so we have returned to the Instant Teleseminar way of life. They have great support and documentation, so it would be a waste of your and my time to add a “how to” on IT but if you want to get good at webinars, just go to YouWealthRevolution and dive in!

Plenty of role models out there. It’s up to you to find your signature style.

On Sonja’s calls, she does a welcome / introduction, announcements including new product announcements, a “circle of intention” meditation, some astrology, and then some unique teaching and a clearing / healing process or activation.

That’s what she has found to be joyful and effective for her.

You can role model / copy that format and see how it floats for you, you can model other great webinar givers you’ve encountered in your web travels, or you can experiment with your own ideas!

The sky’s NOT the limit! You can do anything! It’s Your webinar!

Note: We specifically do not recommend WebinarJam, because it is mostly hype that piggybacks off the YouTube Live platform. I mention this because a couple folks have expressed interest in it, and we simply don’t feel that it’s a great option.

You can go on forums in your industry and post, you can submit your products to review sites, if it’s an audio product you can put 30-second samples on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Reverbnation, etc…

You can also Google “SEO for healers” and who knows… maybe there is some cool stuff out there (I haven’t checked, but aren’t random Googlings *sometimes* the most amazing “Ah ha”s?)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or Search Marketing, are fields you can learn a lot from, for creative ways to promote.

Sonja kinda just struck gold with her videos. Not everyone has that happen. She is very charismatic. But… the rest of us can still succeed if we follow the above product launch outreach steps we have just looked at in this section.

The way you apply each step is up to you. It will be unique to your brand, your vision, and your gifts.

If you’re doing something no one else has tried… it could be so crazy that it works, so don’t count it out.

Sticking out like a sore thumb, might be just what gets you—and your products and services—noticed, recognized, and sought after.

Including “share buttons” for Facebook and Twitter, as well as Google and Pinterest, or Instagram if you’re on there, is something we’ve done, and we probably could be making a ton more money than in the low-ish six figures per year, if we promoted like crazy, but… we value our time freedom and being able to follow our unique gifts.

Once you are making enough money and you want to be hands-off with your business, a helpdesk / outreach / SEO person to answer emails, send outreach emails, and build links for you by posting your content around the web and even manage your Facebook and Twitter, and other social profiles, will be your first hire. An all-around tech person.

I have told Sonja I will help her hire someone when she is ready, but she might not need one; sometimes healers put up an an auto-reply message saying that due to large volumes of email they can’t reply, which can be confusing and off-putting for subscribers who excitedly email and get… that. But on the other hand, if someone is sending you walls of text, you probably don’t want to encourage that too much… but on the other other hand… how far are you willing to go for your people?

In the beginning, Sonja not only read but also replied to wall-of-text emails.

She did readings until it drained her and she simply could not do it anymore, and recently she stopped doing one-on-one sessions altogether, at least for the time being.

As you can see, she is doing what she needs to for herself to stay healthy and able to serve.

That’s what I recommend you do as well.

Promote as long as it is joyful.

If it’s not, then take a break or get a team of tech people to help you.

We haven’t done much outsourcing, just some art on Fiverr, and it was a disaster. Very poor work, and it turned me off from outsourcing in the future.

Besides… don’t college interns work for free?

I know you wouldn’t exploit people, but I will say, it seems like if you can just make people love your brand, as Sonja has done by her service, others will offer their skills.

Your most difficult task will be tactfully saying “No” where it’s not a good fit.

When your eye is focused, and your vision is big enough, the rainbands inevitably follow.


Focus on your vision (the “eye” of your business cyclone), build your team (your “eyewall”) and decide on the “rainbands” (the major plays or activities) that you will commit to. And then, consistently execute, moving your “cyclone” across your niche, and making it rain.