Module 2: Magician or Mule?

Welcome back to the Infinite Abundance Spiritual Business Course.

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In this module you will discover what makes you sweat…

And whether you’re doing more the work of a “mule” or a “magician.”

Credit where it’s due:

My primary sales and marketing mentor (aka the one I’ve given the most money to, for training) is Travis Sago.

He gave me that “A-ha!” perspective shift, about being paid to be a magician, not a mule.

And of course, Sonja who has demonstrated so much of a “magical” nature, to me.

Now I don’t mean to imply that it’s one or the other only…

That you are literally working to pull a plow or carry heavy physical burdens as your job…

Or that you are Merlin… purple robe and all… levitating above and within us, in the Ether…

In practical reality, there is a continuum.

Personal Note:

In past lives, I have shoveled fish for a living, so please believe me, I am not disparaging hard work.

In fact, when it is joyful, hard work is awesome and perfect.

“Sweat” is habit #2 in my personal system, The Five Habits of Abundance, so yes I do believe in sweat and work.

The key is for life to be magical for you at all times, whatever service and lifestyle that entails for you.

My partner Sonja at 10 of Cups Ministries, started with her 9 to 5 doing social service work.

She was as much of a magician as she could be, including bringing in her mother’s old laptop for a little boy to use…

But given the circumstances, of it being a government-run institution with some funky internal politics of its own that I won’t get into here…

For Sonja, instead of trying to buck the system, she worked her magic on the web using some basic skills I taught her (and her own knowledge based on following role models) PLUS her unique gifts…

and, over the course of a couple years through trial and learning, she came to her success at 10 of Cups Ministries, finding her unique platform to share her gifts with others.

When Sonja got started, she put up a simple WordPress site with a free theme from the WordPress Theme repository.

The theme was Minamaze, if you are wondering.

However, it was definitely her content and her presence, not the theme, that garnered her success.

For example, she used “H3” (a very bold header) instead of “paragraph” as the main body text, as those who have been around from the beginning can attest.

Some other web entrepreneurs criticized it…

and yes we have since improved the design dramatically…

but by the time Sonja asked for my help with the PayPal buttons and publishing her book STAND In The Light of Love, she was already making over $6,000 a month from appointments and a few healing audios.

I hope she doesn’t mind me telling you that. I won’t get into too many revenue numbers, but even though it took Sonja a while after receiving her Infinity Healing attunement, she did hit that “$5,000 a month club” mark herself, without me doing any tech stuff for her on 10 of Cups Ministries.

She bought the domain herself, set it up with hosting from a cheap, popular web hosting company.

Our current host is WPX Hosting; they are great but $25/mo; I think they are 100% worth it.

The difference is when you get a “traffic spike” – tons of visitors at one time.

With WPX, the site stays fast, but with cheapo hosting, it’s a big question mark how the site will perform at crunch time: when you are having a big sale or event, which is exactly when you want your site to perform at its best.

Another important investment as you commit to your spiritual business is your AWeber or other autoresponder (the only one I specifically do not recommend is MailChimp because of the way they impose their branding and we have heard complaints about them blocking emails with the word “health” in them… and being in the healing arts, as long as you are checking your local and state laws, which is your responsibility, you should not have your emails censored by your autoresponder company, in my opinion… but if anyone likes Mailchimp, that’s cool!).

There is a saying online: The money’s in the list.

The money’s in YOUR list.

It’s not just online… it’s who you know…

And who will open your messages…

And who will respond, and how,.

With Sonja, she has always felt a calling to serve Sacred Partners, those in Conscious Relationships, Twin Flames, Soulmates, whatever labels we put on it, Divine Partnership and healing around and related to that, has been something she has felt a calling toward, since she was a young’n.

For you it’s clearer and clearer as you craft your vision.

Now, here’s the rub.

Sonja was doing appointments back to back every half and hour, sometimes all day, 5 days a week.

She was doing twin flame readings, clearings, and coaching galore… taking on and assisting in clearing the burdens of those she served.

She even had a session called something like “Heart Centered Listening” where you could just talk at Sonja and she’d listen with compassion.

That is a beautiful service, for sure.

And we can also agree that energetically, it could be a lot for Sonja to manage, and that it could potentially take a toll on her, right?

So… at a certain point, if “I’d love to schedule a reading with you,” isn’t joyful, that means it’s time to level up and sell more audio activations, trainings, e-courses, or other re-usable assets you can sell again and again, without you needing to do anything at the point of sale or in the delivery of the products themselves.

It can take time for your business to get to the point of being a store that runs itself based on the “gravity” you’ve generated, and I do not claim that we have reached that level at 10 of Cups Ministries, but we are making more in audio sales alone than Sonja used to make with one on one clients, and we have a 0% refund rate, so I feel that says a lot about how we are doing with successfully generating five figures a month in passive revenue with a two-person partnership (no outsourcing).

I want to emphasize, first and foremost, it was Sonja’s charisma, persona, magic, mojo, whatever you want to call it… just Sonja being so very Sonja that made 10 of Cups Ministries work.

I was not thrilled to see 10 of Cups exist at all, in the beginning. Let’s not get into all that, but the point is, it was really Sonja doing it by herself…

And if she can, you can too, if you tap into Your Unique Genius.

Your “Inner Magician.”

You don’t need to find a tech / creative / sales / marketing person like me to split your business with, the way Sonja did.

You can hire contractors for specific creative tasks on or other websites but I do strongly recommend you not even think about that until you are generating a few thousand dollars a month in revenue.

The reason why I say that, is again, your success must come from you, your inner magic.

Sorry to always be preaching at you.

But you know how it is, because you are a mover and a shaker.

I know you respect those who respect your time and your busy-ness…

That’s why I show you that respect.

If you can figure out how to send an invoice via PayPal, and set up a PayPal button and / or a PayPal subscription depending on what you are selling…

then you can get paid.

Hands-on-Hint: If necessary for any PayPal issues, look up PayPal help docs, contact their support, or YouTube it.

If you can get your hosting, install a WordPress site, and either install PayPal buttons or a shopping cart system, then you can sell products and services on your website.

If you can make (or have made for you) very simple videos and other visual assets, and web pages and profiles with transformational information and wisdom, then you can market yourself, big time.

And it’s not even huge volumes of information, that people want.

These days especially, there’s so much information out there, isn’t there?

There’s information on just about everything.

But what people really want nowadays, is wisdom that can give them a shift in perspective.

If you can do that, give people even an eensy-beensy little shift that sheds light on an important issue, something they have been struggling with or even suffering from…

then you have got it made in the Spirit’s shade, my friend.

Because that ability to shift someone’s perspective in a meaningful way, comes from understanding.

And when you understand others, they will keep seeking you out for your care and expertise.

In-Class Activity: The Mule-Magician Spectrum:

Get out a sheet of paper, and turn it sideways, so it’s in landscape view.

Along the new “top” of the paper, write “The Mule-Magician Spectrum” because that’s what this is: the Mule-Magician Spectrum.

Across the middle of the sheet of paper, draw a horizontal line.

And toward the left endpoint of that line, write in the word “Mule.”

Toward the right end of the line, label it “Magician.”

Now that you’ve labeled the line, consider the different tasks you do in your work.

If you do a certain kind of report, say, the “ABC Report,” then how do you feel as you do it?

Like a guru mastermind wizard running the show with your invisible influence?

In that case write “ABC Report” (well, write the name of your task) all the way to the right on the Mule-Magician Spectrum.

You are a total magician when doing the ABC Report.

But what about if you feel like Peter in Office Space, with his TPS reports?

For those who haven’t seen Office Space, which was required viewing for my first major cubicle job, it’s about someone who is sick of corporate life so he stops going to work and starts stealing lots of money from the company (which of course goes hilariously wrong).

In the beginning we see Peter receiving phone calls from no less than five of his bosses, asking him, “Did you get the memo?” and politely reminding him nitpicky details about how the TPS reports are supposed to be filed.

If that’s how you feel about ABC Reports, or your specific chosen task, then you’ll write that task closer to the “Mule” label on the left.

Go ahead and put down the main things you do for work, on the Mule-Magician Spectrum.

Now, here’s the fun part…

For each thing toward the left, I want you to draw an arrow in the shape of an arc, starting at the object and going over to the right, so the tip of the arrow points to somewhere on the Magician end of the line.

And then on the arc, put one or two words or a short phrase if you want and you can fit it, saying how you can make that task more magical.

For the ABC Report, I might add the word “smile” in there, and begin intentionally putting on a huge smile whenever I fill out one of those forms.

Or I might write, “imagine it’s a deed” on the diagram, and then every time I’m doing an ABC Report, I will pretend it’s not just a boring report, but that I am signing the final piece of paperwork for my new 300-acre farm in Vermont.

Or I might write, “new job” and start joyfully creating better tasks for myself altogether, without slacking off on my current commitments.

Looking at where each thing you do is, on the scale of joyful / magical or not-so-joyful / magical can be a big help for you in creating your most magical life.

If you ever feel stuck in a rut, try seeing what shifts you can make to create more joy and magic in those tasks, or find ways to replace those tasks with ones that feel more magical and inspired.


Take some actions to begin stepping into your power as a magician… whether it’s making videos like Sonja or rocking a network like Bitwine and auto-Tweeting client testimonials if you are a reader, or getting involved with Facebook groups or forums related to your industry or niche.

Big hint: Look at those online who you consider “magicians” and noticed aspects of what they do you that fills you with joy as you consider yourself doing the same. That way you don’t create a carbon copy, and you use only what is best for you.

So, go for it! Find out where your tasks are at in terms of being more like a magician or more like a mule, and get going toward making your life more magical!