Module 1: Your Gifts and Your Vision

Hello, and welcome to the Spiritual Business Course, Module 1.

You can play the lesson audio above and read along on this page, or download this lesson’s audio here.

You can download and print the entire course (written version) here instead of reading along below. You can also just listen to the audio and do the In-Class Assignment and Funwork in a notebook.

Congratulations on getting started, or using this to shift and expand your perspective in small but key ways that will multiply your present success, if you put your newfound insights into your practice.

Upon Completion of this Module, you will:

  • Account for the gifts you already have,
  • Develop or receive encouragement to continue your gratitude practice,
  • Become motivated about the importance of having a vision for your spiritual business and your life,
  • Make a connection between a vision and the goals to accomplish it,
  • Create a vision for your business and your life that is detailed enough to enjoy and give you a clear direction toward your next success.

I recommend you have a pen and paper handy for this and all the lessons in the course because we’ll be doing a simple game or exercise, whatever we want to call it, to help represent the main idea…

So today, it’s your gifts, and your vision.

Why start with that?

Because, not to be preachy…


I know that if you are reading this, you are a mover and a shaker, most likely, because you are receiving this as a bonus to a premium course or you paid a premium price for it, and you chose a self-paced format that shows you are a do-oer… weaving this into your busy life.

So just to be direct because I know you are busy 🙂 . . .

Life is a gift.

It is a gift to be here. (And yeah, I know you already know this… I don’t mean to sound like I’m talking down to anyone.)

Yes, You are God / Source / Universe’s gift to the Universe.

So if that’s true, that You are a gift…

What are You going to do with that gift?

No pressure! 😉

We don’t need to be totally positively-motivated… I got into web stuff because I realized switching jobs just wasn’t the same as having my own enterprise… I had a desire to get away from something—a career path that wasn’t joyful anymore.

Learning skills of sales, marketing, and blogging / vlogging can be very valuable in many ways. And I had a hunch about that because I would hear about people making money online, but I didn’t know what it meant for me; I just actually enjoyed building and writing blogs.

In your job you may or may not be encouraged to “tinker” and play to find what truly motivates and excites you.

Those things that fill you with energy, are clues to honing in on your Joy-Work.

I won’t spend your time trying to convince you about the benefits of gratitude, but part of your Funwork is going to be keeping at or developing your gratitude practice.

I trust that you know the power of gratitude, and you appreciate it and that you understand that practicing gratitude daily, even moment-to-moment, is optimal and of untold benefit.

There’s been so much written on it, it’s amazing.

We know it, from experience, right? When you are more thankful on a regular basis, it makes you feel better.

We know that when the rubber meets the road, when we are in a difficult situation like being sick or stressed, or hit with tragedy, we can always turn to our positive mental attitude for refuge, and even hope when we are in really dire straits.

I know the people in this course range from beginners in web success, to seasoned business pros. That’s why I don’t bog you down in too much info-baggage while doing the balancing act of keeping it simple and clear.

If you are a successful person already, then you know the value of goals. Goals have been a popular way of achieving success, for at least the last 100 years in the United States, but really everyone in history who has been successful has used goals.

The Goal Formula:

1. Define What You Want
2. Get It

There might be some steps in between, but it is really that simple.

And if you can define what you want as coming from within, for example to feel joyful at all or most times, then you can literally accomplish that goal 100% of the time.

Crafting a Vision is not more complicated than a goal once you understand it, but it might be a tiny bit more complex to understand, because unless we have practiced the art of creative visualization for a little while, it can be a whole new world.

Have you ever seen those Llewellyn books? Paperbacks about every esoteric topic under the sun (and other suns, in many dimensions).

I happened upon the Creative Visualization installment at an old Western Mass bookstore. Pale-yellow, dog-eared, full of the basics and some surprise tips.

When you’re looking for something, for example the classic car keys on your way out the door…

Do you ever stop, and simply picture the keys or other missing object…

in your mind?

And if you do…

First of all, isn’t it amazing, how once you focus on it for a few moments, other details begin to fill in around it, and suddenly, sometimes you even remember or get a “hunch” where you put them?

The more we visualize our joy, the more magical our life gets.

Do You Have a Detailed Vision for Your Spiritual Business / Practice, and for Your Life?

If so, I would like to encourage you to pull it out, dust it off if need be, and give it a quick review and upgrade… if you find you love it as is, way to go! You have been doing your Funwork already!

If not, here is your chance to carve your vision into the bedrock of history.

For today’s In-Class Activity…

all you’re going to do is take out a sheet of paper or your notebook, and a writing utensil…

I like black pens, myself, just a personal preference…

Grab a timer, or an alarm clock, there might be one on your computer or microwave or you might even have an actual alarm clock or kitchen timer…

And set it for 15 minutes.

Before you press start, I’ll tell you the assignment.

It’s super simple.

At the top write, “I am so happy and thankful that…” in big letters…

or something that fills you with joy that and gratitude…

You could even write:

“I am so joyful and grateful that…”

And then you are going to write your ideal spiritual business and your life as it relates to your spiritual business.

For me I might write, “I own healthy, happy goats, and I drink their milk regularly. My web business allows me the time and money to care for my pet goats on a daily basis and give them an abundance of space, sun, and good food.”

That’s a future vision of mine…

The key to this assignment is do not pick up the pen from the paper.

Sure, dot your i’s and cross your t’s, put spaces between words…

but keep writing.

Don’t stop until the buzzer sounds.

Me, I might get into details about my goats… how much I love nuzzling their stiff nubian fur, for example… in as much detail as feels joyful.

Paint a picture.

Make a movie.

When you’re ready…

Go for it!

15 minutes about your vision.

How detailed should you make each area of your life?

The following tip is from Abraham Hicks, to give credit where it is due:

Be as detailed as is joyful for you.

If I started writing the names of my goats and I began to feel anxiety, that would be reason to pause, zoom out, back up…

and either wrap up the goat talk and begin visualizing my music production studio or the daily workflow of my web and art businesses…

or perhaps mention that it would be nice to have a billy goat on the side or that “Fergie” felt like a fun name for a goat.

Oh… one last thing… as you’re writing, include how you will serve from your unique gifts that you have been given, to de-serve the wonderful life you are co-creating.

…of course you deserve the best, always.

But with karma you understand it’s always a balance, so include both your work life and your recreation, family, and social life and other areas of life depending on what feels joyful to you.

Please Do Your In-Class Activity Before Continuing.

Have you done your In-Class Activity? If so, your visualized your life, in a spirit of gratitude.

Way to go!

Who does that?

Less than 5% of people.

You are now in “the 5%.”

If you keep at it, with baby steps outlined in this course, leading to steady strides and large leaps of faith, collaborating with the right people…

Then you are going to win.

Big time.

I encourage you to re-read your vision periodically.

Different people say different things about whether you should share your vision with others.

I would say, your success will include others.

For example, Sonja of 10 of Cups Ministries and my success have included each other in key ways.

You will need others whose skill sets complement yours.

Those people might be good to share your vision with, either seeking advice or directly asking for their support.

Anyone you get a non-joyful uneasy feeling about sharing your business plans and vision with, don’t share it with them, would be my tendency.

The reason why is… why do you need to?

As healers or spiritual practitioners, your energy is, to some extent, what you are selling.

For example, Reiki healers and other distance healing practitioners charge a fee to hold space and transmit energy for clients to receive.

Artists and healers have a responsibility to maintain ourselves at a certain frequency and energy level.

As Barbara Ann Brennan mentions in her landmark book Hands of Light, a main task of a healer is to “regulate” your energy.

What is regular energy flow for you?

That can be part of your vision.

For your Funwork…

I’d like to you to continue writing daily, morning is a good time to jot some things down, for many people… and keep integrating more gratitude, because those positive things to be grateful for are exactly the things that are going to lead to achieving your most joyful outcome.

As we create and continue to sow seeds of acknowledging joy, we learn to work with larger and larger pieces of joy in our lives and visions, feeling the synchronicities as more and more normal, as life becomes more magical in a grounded peaceful way, for us, our loved ones, and the entire planet.

My vision for you is that you keep crafting and honing your vision, for all areas of your life.

Did you know that the third eye center is associated with the force of willpower?

What we visualize and pay attention to and give energy to…it comes to us, and it becomes us.

So it behooves us to visualize the best outcomes.

If we use language of gratitude, especially internally… We support our visions.

Bonus Funwork

As you focus on your vision, your gratitude might include impulses for positive action you can take.

Maybe something to improve your present situation…

Maybe some kind of planning step…

Maybe a phone call to get advice or set up an account with a necessary resource or ally.

As those hunches come up, act on them.

That is how you build your spiritual business and make it grow. By taking inspired action.

You can do it. I really do believe that, for you.

See you in Module 2!