Bonus How-to: Creating Your E-Commerce Store in Under 20 MInutes

In this video, I show you how to:

  • Install the WooCommerce Plugin
  • Get WooCommerce set up (note: Please check your local laws for what taxes you should collect)
  • Create a product
    • Add/edit product long description
    • Add/edit product short description
    • Add product image (you can change it as well)
    • Be sure to check Virtual and Downloadable for digital products
    • Set up the download file. You can edit the name of the file (which I did not show in the video, but you can do it!)
  • Customize your checkout field to collect the amount of information you want
  • Enable PayPal (you can also use Stripe if you… use Stripe, but we just use PayPal)
  • Set up your menu items so site visitors can navigate to the shop, their cart and checkout, and pay you for your products!
  • Reminder: Do test purchases yourself to see what the checkout process is like and what you want to customize, for the best possible customer experience.