Pretty straightforward.

Note: If you do go with a Cover Video (you fancy web-person you!), a couple things to mention…

  • It’s a new feature of Facebook (2017).
  • They recommend 820 x 500-something pixels for dimensions, but only a few hundred pixels of height actually appears (you can drag to reposition, just like with an image).
  • I encountered an error uploading my Cover Video, so I uploaded it in a post (“Share a photo or video”), and then selected “Choose from Videos” when adding the cover video.
  • In case you’re wondering, I made my Cover Video animation using GIMP to create the colors and edit a piece of free clip art, and Camtasia to create the video animation of that art. Camtasia works pretty well on PC but it crashes frequently on Mac.
  • On mobil devices, a thumbnail (still image) of the video may display. You can choose the thumbnail by going to Reposition and the clicking Next. You can browse through the available thumbnails and select one.

Another note: I entered as an example website. I meant to do with two forward slashes.