Infinite Abundance Week 1: Build It


Andy here. Welcome to the Infinite Abundance 8 Week Master Plan!

If you are ready to grow your abundance using your unique gifts, serving from your bliss and helping people transform in beneficial ways, and you are willing to roll up your sleeves and get your message out there on the web, then you are in the right place.

The action checklists for each week will be in printable and digitally-editable PDF form.

Here is the checklist for week 1.

^^ Right-click and Save to Download. The checkboxes work in Preview in Mac and probably in Adobe Acrobat Reader on PC (though I haven’t tested it). They don’t seem to work on the web but if you save them to your computer or iPad then you can track your progress. You can also print these! If the checkboxes don’t work on your device, please let me know what device you are using so I can try to keep improving the PDFs. 🙂

The contents for each article reflects the checklist.

This Week’s Main Checkpoint: Envision and set yourself up to promote and get paid for a service you are ready to deliver.

My vision for this course is to build a brand online to monetize and demonstrate for this course, and to create comprehensive, articles with no fluff to give you a real, proven 8-week step-by-step process you can follow to grow your abundance.

As the first brand develops joyfully, I may build multiple brands but if you are new online please only focus on one brand for your opening turn on the web stage.

I recommend a personal niche blog/vlog. Something that shows that you are a person with a website, focused toward a targeted audience of people who are eager to buy services or products you are joyful to deliver.

Identify your gifts, vision, target audience / “niche” and the service(s) you want to provide.

I’ve created an entire lesson to help you connect with Your gifts and your vision. Here it is!

As far as your niche goes, you want to find a way for you to serve your unique gifts in a way that intersects with a “hungry crowd” of people who are enthusiastic about the topic, whatever it happens to be, whether it’s twin flames, overcoming anxiety, or ice skating.

In the beginning, search drove commerce on the web.

Nowadays, networks and community connections are becoming more prominent as how the web is defined.

However, search is not going anywhere, and so it can help you a great deal to consider what “search terms” (also called “keywords”) someone might enter into Google or Amazon or YouTube or Facebook or even Yahoo! or Bing! to get their fix and scratch that itch that only a boss in their niche can.

They’re searching, they’re searching, and… they stumble across…


What first impression would you like to make on your ideal client?

Maybe it’s an e-book, or a physical book, of yours, on Amazon.

“I saw your book and was curious / found it helpful and decided to check out your site!”

Maybe it’s a video.

“Your videos gave me some stunning insights, so I joined your mailing list for the free group coaching sessions.”

Maybe it’s a post.

“I love what you shared in __(Facebook Group)___. I just had to see if you had more to offer, and I’m glad I did!”

All of the above are things similar to what people may say to you once you have served them and you ask, “How’d you find me?”

Even sites not known as “search engines” curate content by relevance. Hashtags and keywords in Tweets / posts / pins help identify what all is related on a particular social network.

An easy way to find search terms is Google your main niche, and then scroll to the bottom, where other terms are suggested.

You can also start typing a search term in YouTube and it will auto-suggest popular terms.

A second thing to look for is popular channels and communities in your niche, for example YouTube channels and Facebook communities.

Look at the size of them and consider the types of things they might buy to support their success relative to the niche topic.

Case Study Example

I have decided to serve the addiction recovery community, because I’m noticing health issues and productivity/energy setbacks from my own personal addictions (to legal substances and behavior patterns. I’ve kicked anything illegal years and years ago) and I believe that focusing on recovery is essential at this point in my life.

My gifts include creativity, music, verbal/digital communication, design, logic, math, education, and a sort of peaceful caring vibe that can make/help people feel loved.

I want to provide relaxation music and healing audio downloads as well as (maybe) a $2,000 6-8 week group coaching class to offer a holistic, revolutionary addiction recovery curriculum and mentorship that could even include collaboration with medical, social service, and legal healing team members.

I could also sell recovery supplements to support nutrition and some e-courses and books and a sobriety tracker / recovery support app with ads or maybe a monthly fee for joining a secure, private network of accountability partners.

Some search terms my prospective clients might use inlcude:

  • addiction recovery tools
  • addiction recovery app
  • addiction recovery coach
  • marijuana addiction help
  • help quitting drinking
  • help quitting smoking weed
  • faith based recovery
  • NLP for addiction

etc etc… I ideally want to target a large variety of people seeking early recovery support.

Facebook groups of people in my niche might include ones relating to recovery. I searched “addiction recovery” on Facebook and tons came up. Those are groups I could target to get involved with and find what their interests are, to potentially target them for ads or social engagement.

Decide on a brand name

This should “roll off your tongue” when you say it out loud.

Share the name with some friends, or just say it aloud.

How do you feel sharing and saying the name?

Joyful? Inspired? Alive? Happy? Something even better? Something you or your ideal audience would want to tell friends about even if it wasn’t your/their site?

Optional: you can create a logo using a free online logo maker tool if you’d like!

Case Study Example

I have chosen the brand name “Sober Andy” for my site.

I set up a Twitter profile because that’s what really matters in life 😉

@soberandy was taken, so I got @sober_andy_

It’s all good… When people start typing your handle, Twitter auto-completes it with their best guess, anyway.

And I purchased the domain and added it to my WPX hosting account.

Build your website

Your website is a central place online for you to deliver your great unique content, build your mailing list, and sell your products and services.

Much of your real selling will happen as you connect with your community via email or perhaps telephone.

But unless people get on your email list first, they will most likely be only connecting via social media and blog comments, which is not nearly as intimate as email.

Typically people join your email list on your website.

So, putting up a website is a matter of first priority.

We use WordPress. Not but a self-hosted WordPress site. You can follow along with any website system that works for you but my partners and I have found WordPress to be solid and highly customizable.

Before you install WordPress, you want to enable and add your security (SSL) certificate. I show how to do this with WPX toward the end of this video.

I went ahead and used Thrive Architect (formerly Thrive Content Builder) to build a landing page in ~five seconds.

And then added a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions pages as footer links.

In total, it took an afternoon to build the Sober Andy website version 1.0 with just a working opt-in and free gifts.

If you go with Thrive Themes, I recommend becoming a Thrive Member, because it includes all their amazing themes and plugins. We have a Thrive Agency membership we use for all our sites (and allows us to build websites for other people using Thrive Themes)… but the package for individuals and entrepreneurs costs only about 1/3 of the amount.

Build your social media channels

Where to start? YouTube? Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? Tumblr? Not Tumblr. Insta? Snap?

Well… where do your future clients hang out online?

I’m really only up for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and maybe Pinterest if I get an info-graphic idea. And I’m not even promising to Tweet much. Just sayin’.

Here’s a how-to video for setting up your brand’s Facebook page, using a different brand of mine.

To create a YouTube channel, just go to YouTube, click on your avatar, and Add Account.

…and then follow the prompts YouTube gives you to get all set up.

The Google account manager can be a little to get used to because you’ll be in YouTube one second and then Google the next. But whatever, we’re not here to be Google experts; we’re here to rock the web!!!

Create a “lead magnet” (free gift) and build your email opt-in flow

We are happily using AWeber but you can use any good email autoresponder service that you prefer.

Check out these lessons for how to set up your email opt-in flow.

If you would like to make an audio download as your free gift, these lessons are for you.

Connect your financial system (PayPal/bank account/etc) so you can get paid

You want to have a free Business PayPal account and link your real bank account to it. If you are inclined to get a separate business bank account to stay organized, that could be a good idea.

If you are new to receiving payments from PayPal, then they will only let you take a certain amount of payments at first, up to a certain limit, and then the rest will be held for 30 days to make sure your clients don’t ask for refunds.

They do this so they can maintain their high reputation.

PayPal will raise your monthly allowance more and more as you show you are a trustworthy.

I just want you to know so you don’t quit your 9-5 or plan a spontaneous big trip before you’re totally set up for the abundant healer lifestyle 🙂

Once you are beyond the “paycheck-to-paycheck” ceiling, many aspects of life feel freer.

Create your products, services, and promotional content

If you are getting started as a healer, this can be a simple as creating a name for a session with you, set a duration and price.

If you are doing Infinity Healing, you could list $177 for an hour session, and it would be up to you whether or not to do payment plans for those who just don’t have it all upfront.

Case Study Progress

For, I am envisioning some audios and some kind of web app… so it might not be a quick money maker. I’m also realizing it could be a hard niche to get into because one kinda needs to be medically credentialed or endorsed by an established medical practictioner or institution, to get in. But maybe I can find cost-effective ways to reach out or advertise, once I have something to sell.

I did put up this outside-the-box video about how to make quitting smoking marijuana easier and i made the loge and icon you see on the website.

Promote, sell, serve, repeat! (Or something even better)

Remember those social media channels you built?

Time to do some channeling! 😉

There’s peeps in them thar webs, and they’re on those sites.

So we gotta make nice with those sites and give ’em what they want.

YouTube wants videos. Helpful videos. Entertaining videos. Fun videos.

Videos that your people will stay glued to, instead of bouncing away as if on pogo stick.

Teaching videos and healing videos are popular for the metaphysical community.

Consider people or brands you admire in your niche and even other niches, and notice the similarities and differences, and the attributes you would like to emulate for…

  • Video / post headlines
  • Tags and hashtags used
  • Length of video description
  • Ways of presenting links to their website in video descriptions and posts
  • Graphical elements. (Try Pixabay and Unsplash for high-quality public domain photographs and other images you can remix into your videos and posts.)
  • Personality, phrases, gestures, voice tone, pacing, and other elements of the creator’s presentation.

Case Study Continued

The way we are using at 10 of Cups right now is a platform called WooCommerce.

It’s a free WordPress plugin. Once it’s installed, you just put in your PayPal email address in the right place in the settings, and then you are connected!

On my other example site,, I installed WooCommerce in under 20 minutes. Want to see?

I have not created any products for

An easy way to structure your videos

A good video has a clearly delineated beginning, middle, and end.

The beginning, or introduction, can be opening titles or an opening introduction where you say what the video is about, focusing on the benefit for the viewer.

In the first 30 seconds (give or take), tell them what they will learn or do or receive.

Be sure to use the main search terms you want people to be looking for when they find you, in the introduction. And use some related terms as well, as feels appropriate.

One way to find related keywords, as I mentioned, is to google something, like “quitting drinking alcohol” and then scroll to the bottom of the page:

There are two ads, one for supplements and one for a blog post. Just something to pay attention to, for me anyway in my niche.

We see “quitting drinking timeline” which gets my gears spinning for an infographic and maybe a video?

“Quit drinking benefits” – another infographic, 15 to 25 benefits to quitting drinking. Yea!

“Quitting drinking side effects.” Hey the more visual assets the better. And you better believe I’m envisioning blog posts along with these info-graphics (and videos?)…

“How to stop drinking on your own” is an interesting one. Could take a few angles on that question.

“What happens when you stop drinking alcohol for a week / month” lends itself to a case study…

…and the “cold turkey” / “suddenly” questions might lend themselves to a science-y edutainment video.

All that from one google search!

If “quitting drinking alcohol” is your main search term for a piece of content, then in the introduction you might say:

“Although I don’t recommend trying to quit drinking on your own, this method for quitting drinking alcohol can add volumes to your support systems (social, medical, nutrition, etc)  for you without side effects of medication.”

See how the related terms are sprinkled in?

I’m not concerned about robotically matching every word of every term Google suggests. We are communicating to people, first and foremost.

Try it with the a search term in your niche!

Next get into the main content. Keep it focused, positive, entertaining, energizing, and beneficial.

Finally, the conclusion summarizes the content, thanks people for watching/reaching etc and a call to action, to join your list or check out an offer, and of course, ask the good viewers to like, subscribe, leave a comment, and share!!

You know what They say… “Ask and ye shall receive.”

Pro Tip

Use the word “You” in most sentences. This will ensure that you stay on topic and keep the content focused on your reader and helping them reach their goals.

Case Study Continued

I made this video for people quitting smoking weed, to give them an easier way. To be honest I’m already not feeling promoting stuff about recovery, and I’m seeing that because it is a negative thing, it’s not something that people are going to be super eager to share. I’m also noticing that the addiction recovery niche is incredibly saturated, which doesn’t mean it would be impossible, but I’m realizing that if I’m not feeling it and it’s a super hard niche to tap… it might be back to the drawing board for a minute. I’m getting super joyful “twin flame” and “infinite abundance” ideas so maybe I’ll switch niches again.

If that ever happens for you, you can always start the Master Plan again for your new brand.

I might just focus on TBH… it’s kinda an awesome domain, right?!?